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Jenny's podcast The Living Mountain Conversations was The Times 'Podcast of the Week' in March 2022! You can listen here.


The Living Mountain

16.10.2020​  CD/LP/DL


music inspired by Nan Shepherd's book

The Living Mountain

“An exquisite, spellbinding, life-affirming and totally immersive experience.”

“At one moment hypnotic and, at another, haunting. It deserves careful listening.”  ***** Spiral Earth

**** RnR Magazine       “A work of rare beauty”Folk Radio UK

“One might argue it's only when moulded in the hands of artists like Jenny Sturgeon that powerful messages of the wilderness have the potential to move all our lives in a green direction” Irish Music Magazine 

“A bewitching work of wisdom and light and, for the truth it expresses, the most important record you will listen to this year.” From the Margins

“Nan Shepherd wrote a love letter to the Cairngorms. Jenny Sturgeon has given it a musical voice.” Country Walking Magazine

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