Jenny regularly runs songwriting workshops and is the director of Shetland Songwriting Festival


“We ended up coming away from the workshop with a newly written song! I found the whole experience to be insightful, well explained, within a supportive and creative environment and ultimately a highly useful course to attend.”

Dee and Don Ceilidh Collective attendee

“Excellent facilitation by Jenny - great blend of support and insights.”

Braemar Creative Arts Festival attendee

“Jenny created a relaxed atmosphere in which I felt free to let loose some creativity! Her exercises were well thought-out and productive. By the end of the morning I had written 2 songs! Jenny has a great presence as a teacher and is great at bringing together people from different writing backgrounds”

Dee and Don Ceilidh Collective attendee

”Excellent, instructive, productive workshop.”

Braemar Creative Arts Festival attendee

“Jenny has a gently insightful way of encouraging song writing.  There are no egos, no hard and fast rules, no pointless exercises.  Instead her own passion for composition is effectively communicated and pointers given towards broadening your own palette of options.  I found it great fun and surprisingly productive – I came away with songs I would never have written using methods I had never tried before.  It has reinvigorated my own songwriting and given me the confidence to try new approaches, including writing with others.  Highly recommended!“ 

Orkney Nature Festival workshop attendee

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