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Photo by Anne Campbell
Photo by Anne Campbell
Photo by Fiona Stephen
Photo by Graeme MacDonald

"Musically superb, absolutely fascinating and utterly charming" ShireFolk

"A genuinely inspiring work" R2 Magazine - review of The Wren And The Salt Air

"A representative of avant-garde folk music in which the lines between music, scientific observation and aesthetics blur, rendering categorisation inconsequential." London Folk Review

"Combining found sounds and a musical ethereality to create a wholly unique experience and atmosphere... quality music from a master of the craft" At The Barrier

"The EP is revelatory. Sturgeon's canvases depict a place that, while uninhabited by permanent residents, is home to a fauna of uttermost isolation. David Attenborough would probably approve on several musical and natural history counts, not least because The Wren And The Salt Air is a poeticised and rough-edged portrait, not a romanticised one." FROOTS


"A superb album - I love every track"

"I love her voice and the way she sings, she's got a great feel for her music" Mike Harding 

"**** Jenny is a singer-songwriter who brings together the old and new with a rare skill... From The Skein is one of the best debut albums you'll ever hear... I repeat - this is a knockout debut" R2 Magazine

"Scot Jenny Sturgeon is as close to an organic folksinger/songwriter as you can get. She absorbs the culture, essence, stories and legends of her native region and manufactures them into inspired songs and tunes which reflect much of the natural world around her." Folk All - read full review here

"From the Skein is an impressive debut album. Its twelve songs announce the arrival of a significant new talent whose work stands head and shoulders above most new singer-songwriters. This is a record that deserves to be heard." Bright Young Folk - read full review here

"Jenny Sturgeon releases her debut album ‘From The Skein’ ... and it is stunning. The integrated components of music, voice and lyrics make this album a must-have. The magical quality of Jenny’s voice gives tangible feeling to the songs, the haunting lyrics range from the darker sides of folklore and legend through historical narrative to observing the human condition, the dreamlike, expressive and lingering melodies – together the combination creates a whole that holds you in its embrace..." FolkWords - read the full review here

"In From The Skein, Jenny Sturgeon has clearly decided to challenge herself. That challenge has been well worthwhile and sees Jenny push her music far beyond the realms of singer/songwriter, to a wider sphere where words, music and creativity combine in an inspired and thoroughly engaging work." Folk Radio UK - read the full review here

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